Our Philosophy
"Bring us to you and we will bring you together".

We value diversity and believe that it is an essential ingredient in creating balance within a group and within the world. We believe that:

  • Each person is unique and has "gifts" to share with those around him or her;
  • People are an important part of nature, and our most basic roots come from nature-our ultimate goal is to be the caretakers of the Earth;
  • We must respect, value, and be open to learn from all that is around us.
Our Vision ("The Eight Cornerstones")
We believe that each person is unique, and has special "gifts" (abilities) that are meant to be shared. When each person is valued and listened to, a community begins. As a group borrows the ideas and strengths of its members, greatness occurs.
Diversity is essential to development and survival. As individuals share their ideas and abilities, they-and the people around them-grow as individuals, finding new and different solutions to challenges, develop new perspectives, and expand on commonly held perspectives.
We believe that by providing a safe and non-judgmental environment, participants are able to feel accepted and appreciated and begin to share their own thoughts, ideas, and abilities.
We ask groups to set goals to give the group as a whole, as well as their individual members, a sense of purpose and direction; their goals will guide them in their thought process and actions. Goal setting is important in actualizing aspirations.
We value all life and conservation of all of our natural resources and therefore promote the use and recycling of ideas, abilities, and materials.
We recognize that each person is at a different place in his or her life's journey, and we therefore practice the philosophy of "Challenge by Choice" (Project Adventure). No person is ever forced to do something for which he or she is not ready.
We promote the sharing of personal stories to help individuals discover or re-discover their roots, resulting in the development of self-confidence, self-acceptance, and respect for self and others. Shared stories increase sensitivity and understanding for each other. This is followed with unconditional support and produces teamwork.
In realizing that all beings bring gifts to be shared, we are builders of self-esteem and we help to create hope.

Mission Statement

“ We are a multicultural group of individuals from diverse backgrounds focused on bringing communities of people together through educational and experiential activities and outdoor adventure for individual development, team growth, and environmental understanding. We strive to help all build effective, supportive, and sustainable relationships with each other and with nature.”

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