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Current programs focus on teamwork, communication skills, leadership qualities, problem solving, conflict resolution, peace building, cultural sensitivity, disability awareness, and goal setting. This foundation of target skills allows us to grow with your group to develop additional essential team-building skills with specific programs we offer.

Team Building

This workshop is recommended for any group seeking to improve foundational skills. Specific target skills can be established by your group during the pre-workshop interview. Some examples of target skills are communication, problem solving, situational adaptation, and teamwork.

Team Builders 8 will provide a carefully planned sequential set of team building experiences that will meet the needs and goals of your group. The team building activities and experiences will be a progression of individual, group, and team challenges that will enable individuals to work together, discovering the strengths and talents of each member, thus allowing the group to function as a successful team. Group discussions during and after the activities and experiences enable each individual to recognize the knowledge and skills of one another, thus coming to a deeper understanding of what led the team to be successful. These discussions also bridge team building lessons learned to life's daily challenges.

An important revelation from these experiences and discussions is that each individual is capable, valued, and respected.

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Character and Value Development

This workshop is recommended for any individual, school, college, or organization seeking to provide learning opportunities focused on teaching core values and skills, such as respecting and valuing others, self-acceptance, listening and sharing, cooperative teamwork, goal setting, and perseverance. This workshop can also be designed so that Team Builders 8 trainers will leave the school, organization, or group with ideas, activities, discussion topic(s), and methodologies so that participants may independently continue with an ongoing set of experiences that will enable them to explore personal development on a deeper level.

We are all faced with the challenges of a rapidly changing, fast-paced, competitive, and demanding society. Additionally, we are faced with the challenge of preparing ourselves for today's evolving world in the best possible way.

Through its Character and Value Development workshop, Team Builders 8 will provide participants with an opportunity to plan well thought-out personal life goals, enable them to better face the demands of society, and help them realize that there is always a way to overcome life obstacles. Participants will experience a series of carefully planned activities that will help them to discover personal attributes and qualities and enhance interpersonal and teamwork skills.

Participants in this workshop will also learn that each individual can be a valued and contributing member through a self-empowering peer group discussion. Through discussion, participants will create various ways they can serve the community they live in.

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Diversity Awareness

This workshop is recommended for any group (e.g., schools, colleges, government agencies, businesses, organizations) seeking to improve or enhance the awareness of diversity whether ethnic, socioeconomic, cultural, or pertaining to people with disabilities. Team Builders 8 can also modify this workshop for those seeking to improve group interaction.

This workshop will encourage participants to build awareness, understanding, and a deeper appreciation for multicultural perspectives through collaborative participation in group/team activities, the sharing of personal stories and experiences, and discussions.

Through specifically planned activities and discussions, Team Builders 8 will enable the group/team to introspectively explore each participant's perspectives, thoughts, and ideas on various personal multicultural experiences. This process will result in a better understanding of how each of us can collaborate in a way that benefits us all within and outside of a group, leaving each individual with a deeper awareness of others and making the group stronger as a whole.

The Diversity Awareness workshop will also give participants a better innate sense in seeing how each member of a group can contribute based on one's personal strengths, talents, and knowledge. As a result, we are bringing together stronger individuals and further developing those strengths, which will consequently create healthy, thriving teams and communities.

This multicultural diversity workshop will meet your specific set of gender, age, and cultural differences/similarities. The length of the workshop is adjustable to meet your needs; it could be anywhere from three hours to one week long. We will design the workshop to support the fulfillment of your goals.

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Developing Leadership Skills Through Team Building

This workshop is recommended for any individual or group seeking to improve their leadership skills. Team Builders 8 can design this workshop around any particular task, project, or conceptual theme.

The Developing Leadership Skills Through Team Building workshop is suitable for both the aspiring and the accomplished leader. The focus of the workshop is on developing strategies that will enable participants to collaboratively develop the ability to identify the personal qualities of each individual so that the group can best function productively as a team.

Through group discussions, experiential leadership activities, and simulated real world challenges, participants will have the opportunity to put their best skills to work. Opportunities will be provided for group members to lead their team through problem-solving tasks in a variety of formats. Upon completion of each activity, participants will have an opportunity to reflect, analyze, and discuss their observations and experiences.

Participants will be asked to focus on each member of the group to identify members' personal values, characteristics, knowledge, and talents. Through these discussions, group members will learn, apply, and practice different skills in the art of leading others. By taking notice of others, leaders are living by the wisdom of Warren Bennis-looking into the heart of things and seeing each contributing member as being central to the success of the team.

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Corporate Training

Team Builders 8 can design a workshop or series of workshops to focus on a specific skill set, such as project management, leading a team, problem-solving emphasis, recognizing team member talents and skills, maximizing your team's potential, and motivating your team (e.g., delegating and empowering team members).

How can an organization improve efficiency while maximizing output in an economy that challenges every aspect of its existence? One way is by enabling the resources within the organization-its people-to function at their fullest potential. This can be achieved through a collaborative, team-oriented work environment that becomes a continuous facet of organizational culture.

Team Builders 8 will assess client needs to design and deliver team-based projects followed by well-crafted, facilitated team discussions. These discussions are designed to challenge and encourage participants to think and act in new ways. Utilizing proven team-based and adult learning models, participants will become part of a transformative process, driving their own learning. Team members will begin to identify and leverage the strengths and potential of the team as a whole, thus becoming aware of their own work and personal style preferences and appreciating those of their colleagues. Once this understanding occurs and is put into action, every aspect of the organization becomes synergistically transformed.

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Camps and Colleges

This workshop will include activities that will enable the participants to acquire the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to create a safe, trusting, and supportive environment. Each participant will learn how to comfortably share feelings and viewpoints, and recognize ideas, concerns, and needs.

Team Builders 8 will design a program for those who may soon find themselves in a new environment, a new school, camp or college, possibly dealing with feelings of uncertainty and unsure how to cope. The program will focus on successful student retention strategies, such as building confidence to overcome the challenges of being in a new place.

Participants will develop coping, problem-solving, and leadership skills. The Camps and Colleges workshop can vary in length from a day-long to a week-long program. The more time participants spend together getting to know one another, sharing ideas and life experiences, the more profound and lasting the level of respect and friendship will be.

In addition, participants will see the importance of taking risks, such as being in a new environment with new people and encountering new situations. Taking risks presents the opportunity to face challenges, problem solve, overcome, and grow. When the experience is shared with a group, members also recognize the importance of working together, finding ways of communicating effectively, and discovering solutions. Such a shared experience enables members to exchange ideas, efforts, and abilities, thus developing a deeper respect for each other. As a result, one's self-esteem, self-confidence, and ability to cope are strengthened.

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